About Me

I am Tom.  This is my personal blog regarding my travels around the world, all paid for by myself from money, that I regrettably did not inherit, but made via software stuff that I’ll one day bore my children to death about.  My girlfriend travels with me and, yes, she did threaten me to write this to ensure everyone knows it.

I started this blog in 2015, because I am a millennial and it is my legal right to have a blog and believe everyone wants to hear my opinion.  In 2017, having spent enough on holidays to make any number of Daily Mail columnist deeply angry, I decided that I liked this travel malarky, so setup a luxury travel company with my girlfriend.  Apparently some people did actually want to hear my opinion.

All photos are mine, even the rubbish ones.  All words are mine, especially the rubbish ones.  If you come across a misspelling, it’s because your brain cannot comprehend how amazing I am at making up new words.



“I’m not sure why you keep asking me to read this rubbish” – Tom’s mum

“You absolute moron” – Tom’s imaginary friend

“Cease and desist writing this filth with immediate effect” – A real friend