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England, Good, Maybourne

Review: Claridge’s, London

When a hotel makes an appearance in the Financial Times, it’s normally because an owner has their paintings confisciated for tax evasion, some guy with nukes wants to meet another guy with nukes in Singapore, or one’s going on the cheap for a few hundred million dollars and How to […]


Caribbean Trip 2023

It’s finally happening.  No, I’m not referring to Cocaine Bear winning an Oscar; I, of course, mean my newsworthy, headline tour to the Caribbean. Every time I’ve been prepared to come to this part of the world, I’m inundated with glorious reviews from friends like “it’s beautiful, but everything else […]

Good, Kenya

Review: Lengishu, Kenya

Imagine you have a dream: to create the best home.  You pick the best location with the best views; you use the best materials, designed by the best architect and built by the best builders.  By every metric, you have achieved your goal.  Problem is, you’ve only gone and put […]

Kenya, Luxurious

Review: Ol Jogi, Kenya

Rumour has it that when god saw Ol Jogi, he stood up, slow clapped and said, “that’s crazier than George Santos’ CV”.  He then had to counter it with something equally as mental, so created Liz Truss.  No, I’m still not over it. This is going to be a hard […]


Best luxury resorts in Courchevel

As my sworn duty as an esteemed member of The League of Super Duper Good Hotels, I wanted to follow up on my recent stays in Airelles Courchevel, Cheval Blanc Courchevel and Le K2 Palace, along with visits to Aman Le Melezin and L’Apogée, by doing what any decent human being in […]

France, Good

Review: Le K2 Palace, Courchevel

It’s rare you can genuinely say you were the first at something. History is dominated by the stories of the select few who went further than anyone before might have even dreamed. And just like Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon, we were the season’s first customers […]

Miscellaneous, Summary

Our 2023 travels

Tis a new year, which brings with it new thoughts.  Like what is the point of daylight savings?  And why do I choose to live in England during winter?  So in the spirit of newness, let me tell you how I’m going to all the same places I’ve previously reviewed. […]


Top luxury hotel openings of 2023

These lists are notoriously unreliable; half the properties don’t open on time, and the other half tend to suck when they do.  All the same, who doesn’t love a list to kick off a new year?  So having searched through the entire internet and only been scammed eight times and […]

Cheval Blanc, France

Review: Cheval Blanc Courchevel

When it comes to purchasing luxury fashion goods, my wife and I have a simple rule: check the label.  It’s the ultimate sniff test.  It shows the inner workings, the behind-the-scenes, the rip-off-ometer.  It tells you whether you’re paying purely for the name because it’s made from the type of […]