Review: Laucala Submarine

Ok, here it is. The moment my whole life has been building up to.

A submarine
I repeat, a freaking submarine.
Plenty of space in here. I could move the family in. We could live under the sea.
Getting ready for takeoff.
We have liftoff (liftdown?)
This is the greatest moment of my entire life.
Thank god no one can see me crying of happiness under the water.
I don’t even have the words to describe this.
If you are miserable today, it’s because I stole all the available joy in the world.
Please never end.
Why are you ending?!
It ended. I hate my life.


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  1. How long was your imaginary life of being Jacque Cousteau? How much was the upcharge? What is the rough estimate of the cost of each tear?
    Anyway, well done, I would have been screaming in delight too!

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