Offer: Free 2 night stay in Southern Ocean Lodge

Now before you go ahead, mark this as spam and never come back here again, let me explain.

Due to an act of stupidity involving planes that I will deny until my very last breath, I am in a position whereby I have a non-refundable rate booked in Southern Ocean Lodge and there’s a tiny issue: I cannot make it.  Not only that, but I have it booked in their second highest suite category, so the financial impact is quite different to forgetting to show up to a pre-booked dinner in the nearby Harvester.

After begging, pleading, screaming and crying, I am now onto acceptance.  So I asked myself: why just let it go completely to waste, when someone may as well enjoy it?

So if you happen to be free on the Monday2nd > Wednesday, 4th April and 100% – Scouts honour, no-fingers-crossed – can make it, then do drop me a message just saying why you want to go.  That’s it.  I’m giving it away completely free of charge and will let the winner know on Thursday.

I suspect this will go either one of two ways:

  1.  No one replies and Southern Ocean Lodge get to enjoy their empty room, most likely turning it into a Scrooge McDuck coin vault from all the money they’ve made from me.
  2. This somehow goes viral and half of Australia decide they want to go.

Please do not contact me unless you 100% can go, as I’m terrible at admin for myself, let alone back and forth with a stranger receiving a £2,000/n hotel stay for free that then decides they cannot make it.  All I will do is pass your details directly onto Southern Ocean Lodge and you can then handle everything yourself in terms of getting there and making sure they don’t poison you with your food allergies.

I am not after any of your details.  You don’t need to sign-up to anything; I will not try and sell you insurance, viagra or pictures of Russian women; indeed, anything at all.  This is just my way of doing the only option left: something decent.

EDIT: This is now closed  and someone selected – more information here.  


  1. A very decent thing to do.

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  3. I would really love this if at all possible!

  4. Noreen Booth

    That is an amazing offer and very generous of you Tom, unfortunately I am not in a position to go but if youo want me to share this with any SA colleagues let me know

  5. Christopher Ellen

    Hi Tom,

    I would very much welcome the opportunity of the stay at the Southern Ocean Lodge. We have just had a child and a getaway would be just the ticket. I am also a teacher of children with disabilities and would welcome the change of scenery 🙂

    Thanks for the consideration 🙂

  6. Joe Michael

    Hi Tom,
    I’m a Head for Points reader recently relocated to Melbourne and would love the opportunity to get away for the weekend and explore this part of the world. Much appreciated.

  7. Hi Tom,

    What a nightmare, although good on you for offering it up.

    I was going to make a pitch for why I’d be a great recipient of the room. I’m a Brit living in Oz but soon returning to the UK and the trip would be an incredible end to a year and a half out here. It’d also be an amazing way for me and my newly-proposed-to fiancee to celebrate our big news. I would probably have come up with a couple of other reasons as well.

    However, having read Christopher Ellen’s comments there’s no chance I’m putting my name in the hat. That guy gets my vote, he deserves it so much more than me.


  8. What a wonderful and generous offer!

    HOWEVER down here in the colonies, April 2 is actually Easter Monday! OK I am being a pedant but do you mean Monday April 2 – Wednesday April 4? Or Tuesday April 3 to Thursday April 5?

    • Sorry, right you are – currently in French Polynesia and therefore on a completely separate day to you. It is Monday 2nd > Wednesday 4th.

  9. Teresa Brosnan

    Very generous of you Tom.
    I’m flying to Adelaide this weekend as part of my annual pilgrimage to visit my parents. My dad turned 80 yesterday and my mum 82 last week. Dad’s undergoing a second round of radiotherapy at the moment and a break for them at KI would be a lovely relief.

  10. Hi Tom,
    My wife and I live in Tasmania and I have checked and we can just get some of the last flights available so we are willing to book them immediately if we are lucky enough to be chosen.
    Now you said you might get every man and his dog so indeed you have because I am vision impaired with a guide dog,Charlie!
    My wife and I would also love to do some more travel reports on our disability news and community site that we are operating so this would be a great opportunity to write a full review. And/or provide a travel review for this site as well.
    Also to be completely honest this level of luxury is completely out of our price range normally so it would make a wonderful treat for our tenth wedding anniversary that just happened recently. We are real frequent flyer points junkies but it is hard for Australians to accrue enough points to get accommodation like this.
    Hope we are fortunate enough.
    If you want to know more about our disability community then check out my link along with this post.
    I can’t believe there are still flights available over Easter so hope we are fortunate.
    Thanks for opportunity,

  11. Hi Tom,

    I sent you an email yesterday through the blog’s Contact page. Just wanted to make sure it went through 🙂

    Emil / phonehome

  12. Camilla Pettica

    Hi Tom,

    Would an amazing offer!

    We would love, love, love to fill you otherwise empty room and once in a lifetime experience. We live in Adelaide and are only a short drive to Cape Jervis where we could get the ferry on Easter Monday. I can see you’ve had lots of fab responders to your kind offer. For us and our two young kids (aged 3 and 1), the 2-nights would be an early wedding anniversary celebration (it’s on 12 April) and a wonderful escape. We’re very reliable and are 100% sure we can go!


  13. Camilla Pettica

    Hi Tom

    What an amazing offer!

    We would love, love, love to go! And I’m 100% sure we can. I live in Adelaide with my husband and two young kids – aged 1 and 3. This once in a lifetime getaway would be both an early wedding anniversary present and an incredible family escape. We were planning on staying at home over Easter but this getaway would be brilliant!


  14. Jonathan Read

    Hi Tom,
    I found you through HfP, this is a incredibly generous offer!
    I’d been looking at staying at one of the Luxury Lodges of Australia for our honeymoon but we really cannot afford it at the moment. We live in Melbourne and getting over to South Australia would be easy enough.
    The opportunity to stay here really would be the best surprise for my wife!

    Thanks for thinking of others and ensuring this doesn’t go to waste.

  15. Andrew and Natalie

    Hi Tom,

    Sorry to hear about mix up!

    I’d love to take up the generous opportunity so that I could surprise my wife with a trip away for two nights (so that she and a friend could have a girls getaway). It would be a great way for her to simply relax before our 3rd is due in 8 weeks and to also clear her head after losing her BF to cancer last week. We live locally (Adelaide) so we can confidently say that she could make it!

    All the best and many thanks for your consideration!

  16. I kid you not it is my son’s 12th birthday on the 2nd of April…. and my husband’s 40th on the 4th – this would be an amazing getaway for the big days!

  17. Bill and Lee McFarlane


    We heard about this very generous offer from a Guildford UK friend as we live in Adelaide an hour and a half drive from the ferry that takes cars and people across (we can definitely make the drive and trip across on the ferry) to the lovely Kangaroo Island. We are celebrating my wife’s 60th birthday in a quiet way this year due to many family factors, but this would be a very special surprise for this special occasion for a very special person. we appreciate that overseas guests to Australia may need to be given preference, but we are most unlikely to be able to enjoy such an exclusive experience.

  18. I kid you not – it is my son’s 12th birthday on the 2nd of April and my husband’s 40th birthday on the 4th of April. This would be an amazing getaway for their big days!

  19. James and Anna

    Hi Tom. We can quickly get across to KI very quickly as we live in Adelaide. A very generous offer indeed!

  20. I’d love to go but think there are others much more deserving than me. A wonderful gesture (and if all else fails I am in Adelaide)

  21. Guillermina

    Good morning Tom,
    Randomly enough, an English friend sent it to my Brazilian friend and this message made it to my hands. I’m Spanish, and currently living on kangaroo island! A couple years ago I was touring Australia by bicycle, I met a delightful man from the island and now we’re living here for a few months.
    We have heard wonders of the southern ocean lodge and dream of visiting one day, maybe this is the chance?

  22. Tom,
    I now live in South Australia and was touched when my brother emailed me about this offer. My partner is an electrician and I’m a part time writer so it’s not something we’d ever be able to afford ourselves! If it’s available for 2 people, we’d love to go.
    Poor you for missing out but thank you for offering the opportunity up to others!

  23. Ps. It’s also our anniversary next week!

  24. Hey Tom,
    We would love to go to Kangaroo Island and can easily get ourselves there from Melbourne if the booking is still avaible.

  25. Georgina mee

    I am in Adelaide with my husband and we would love to win this trip. We are here visiting his family, I am English and live in London with him, he is Australian. This is my third visit to Australia but as we always come to visit Family we don’t do much exploring and have never actually stayed in a hotel here, we always stay with friends. I would love to have a romantic couple of days with him. Also, this is my third trip to Australia and I have still never actually seen a kangaroo!!!!!! I’m beginning to think its a lie that they live in Australia!! So “Kangaroo Island” could give me the best possible chance of finally seeing one!!
    We are totally available to attend

  26. G’Day Tom,
    An English friend told me about your mix-up and fear of the room being acquired by Scrooge McDuck!
    I am a nurse in Melbourne and have always wanted to see the chocolate brown Kangaroos of KI. Taking my hubby would be the perfect opportunity for us to spend some quality time together as we both have these days off (A rare thing for shift workers!).

    Sorry that it couldn’t work out fir you and your fiancee but hopefully somebody can enjoy it.

    PS. Please don’t spam me 😉

  27. Hi Tom,

    Have you managed to find someone ? We are in Australia and keen to go ??
    Diane John cronly

  28. Hi Tom

    It sure is going to be different to decide who is going be worthy of this generous and fantastic experience . I would love to experience this as I live in Melbourne. I just turned 50 two weeks ago and haven’t had a trip away in 18 months . I resigned from my work due to bullying and now unemployed. To top that I’m seeing a psychologist and have been prescribed medication for hypertension. I know this would help me immensely.

  29. Tim Gordon

    Hey Tom,
    Hate these scenarios, had a similar one in Florianopolis at the start of the year.
    Having recently relocated out to Australia, I’m currently unemployed and have the time to spare for sure!
    Would be great to help you out here,

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