Kokomo Private Island vs Laucala

I could talk about how the service was better at Kokomo; how they put more thought and effort into our stay list.

I could break down all the dining options at Laucala and show how they are superior to Kokomo.

I could laugh in your face as you asked whether Laucala’s villas-of-splendor were better than the structures of concrete, shame and stale at Kokomo.

I could go into detail about how we extended at Laucala by a further 2 nights, yet started to plan our Great Kokomo Escape on the first day.

I could then waste your time by asking a stupid rhetorical question regarding whether you’d rather spend any time at Walker d’Plank at Kokomo or have Roseanne Barr give a public speech at your children’s school – a tough call, as both are just as unpleasant.

We could even discuss whether Kokomo offers a good option if you’re restricted by budget.

Yet instead, I will leave you with this picture of how happy Laucala made me.

Go to Laucala.

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