Kubili House walk around

Whilst I’m sure each and every one of you can quote my reviews or even have snippets of them printed onto inspirational cat-themed posters in your office, or at the very least have framed some of my hotel photographs by your bedside, pushing your children’s pictures into the bin.  But even those poetic words and photographic masterpieces do not give the full view of a property.  So before this trip, I purchased some camera gear to get into this new technology called video – rumour has it that all the kids will be using it within the next 10 years.  What I didn’t do was that kinda useful thing where you read the manual, so it turns out the first videos I did all look like I’m suffering from Parkinson’s.

After so much modifying and cutting that even your plastic surgeon would blush, here’s the finished result.


  1. Matthew Hides His Email

    Good to see you getting into video – a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had there!

    I do video stuff as part of earning my living, albeit more news/factual than lifestyle. I’m not one to leave unsolicited comments, but if you’re interested, happy to offer a few thoughts which might – or might not – be worthwhile. And some lessons I learned along the way.

  2. Angela Koehler

    What a stunning place, really beautiful. The music though, ugh. Imagine what your hilarious commentary would have added to the visual? Happy travels!

    • With all the editing involved, any commentary would have sounded like you’re reading one of those paper cutout ransom notes

  3. I don’t know, shooting is good, but it feels too fast, too rushed. It looks more like a slideshow than a video. I would prefer a more slow paced traditional walk around with no cuts that gives me more time to enjoy the place and understand it. Something like the Luxury Travel Expert videos (but maybe not that long, I am sure you don’t want to spend half of your holidays filming)

    • Appreciate you taking the time to give feedback. What you say is fair, but I don’t have enough footage to do a long video – that’s what I get for learning on the job. Personally I find those full walk arounds boring, but some of the videos have millions of views so clearly I’m in a minority.

  4. Cool video – provides a great overall perspective on the property. Thanks!

  5. Freddy Mercury

    I think you should stick to writing…

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