101 of my favourite travel photos

Maybe I’m getting old and sentimental, or maybe I’m focusing on avoiding any news about the state of the British economy (ignorance is bliss, so the less I read it, the more I can pretend my currency is stronger than an FTX token), but I recently found myself going through my collection of pics that I’d taken over the last 6 years.  I say 6 years, because 7 years ago my photography was as competent as Lizz Truss.  Now it’s more in the realms of “that’ll do, pig” in that if a pig did it, you’d give it a solid C+.

So this is my list of favourite pictures.  They could be because I’m proud of the picture, or it brings back a good memory, or the location, or the property itself, or just because who doesn’t love seeing a hyena with a wildebeest’s leg on its head?


  1. Shannon Van Buskirk

    Love the photos but sure wish you had tagged them so we could see where they are from. Looks fabulous but need to know the names of the properties. Thank you!

    • Instead, might I suggest reading the entire blog and matching the pictures to the reviews? It will be a good use of 168 hours.

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day. Coffee, stunning collection of photos and a chuckle over the Liz Truss comment! Thank you.

  3. Stunning.

  4. Those were a delight to see! Some are places on my bucket list, like Aman New York and LeGrandControle at Versailles….

  5. Perusing through these photos was truly pleasurable. How could these pics not generate a sense of wanderlust?

    I particularly liked the tortoise pics, especially the one of your wife being “chased” by the elderly tortoise.

    And another Liz Truss smackdown to add to the pleasure. I have been shamelessly sharing your line about an American football game lasting longer than a Liz Truss government.

  6. Travel Porn Compilation !? I think old boy you’ve just invented a new category.

    Oh Tom, I’ve been following you (literally around the globe) since I came across your ‘pleasure project’ some ten years ago researching a place to stay in the Maldives, and I must say looking back, my photos look more like a regrettable and confusing one-night stand.

    Here’s to your (our) next 6 years, you clever Pig.

  7. Maiga Milagre


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