Courchevel Trip 2022

Courchev-ello, as nobody says.

This coming weekend we’re heading to France for a spot of snow spotting.  When I tell people we’re heading to Courchevel, everyone is so excited to talk about skiing, like it’s the new season of House of the Dragon.  Then, as always, I bring the disappointment, by explaining they’ll be none of this fun stuff, not on my family holidays, thank you very much.  As usual, we’re here to try out the luxury offering, whilst pretending it’s really all for the children.

I frequently refer to Paris and the Maldives as having the most competitive luxury environment on earth, but it looks like I can throw Courchevel into the mix too.  Such is the selection that we’ve skipped staying at both an Aman and Oetker property, which under normal circumstances would be the best options.  Instead we’re going to be staying in Airelles, Cheval Blanc and K2 Palace, whilst then stopping by to look at K2 Altitude, Aman Le Melezin, L’Apogee, Grandes Alpes and Ultima 1650.

Stay tuned for my reviews, which will come with my normal haste, meaning anytime within the next 3-6 working months.

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  1. Where to stay in Courchevel is something of a mystery to most of us North Americans, especially trying to figure out where to stay at 1850. Really looking forward to your reviews on these properties. Was just in Paris with my sweetie, stayed at the FS George V, great property in a wonderful location and right across the street from the Bulgari. Went over to the Bulgari to check it out and both my wife and I could smell what could best be described as major sewage problem while going downstairs to the bathrooms one night after visiting their bar. Great bar, wonderful Italian bartenders but a smell that bad would not be tolerated at the FS GV. Went back to the Bulgari bar again and they still had the same problem with the smell, it was still so bad that we didn’t go back there a third time, instead we went over to the Plaza Athanee to have a drink there. At the FS GV, there was a bit of a mix up to get a work colleague a gift card to the Le George restaurant on the property. They sent up a bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne as an apology, first class hotel, will stay there again! They even tolerated my 5th grade French that I tried to use on them.

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