Aman, USA

Review: Aman New York

Expectations are everything.  If you swipe right on a picture of Chris Hemsworth and my hideous face shows up for the date, you’re morally and legally allowed to taser me.  Them the rules.  My stay at Aman New York was very much about expectations.  First of all, it’s an Aman.  That’s […]

Aman, Greece

Review: Amanzoe, Greece

Amanzoe, Greece  Room type: 5 bedroom villa Duration: 13 > 17th September, 2020 If there was a prize for Blog with Most Drafts That Were Never Finished, I’d probably start applying and then give up.  I have repeatedly tried to write follow-up reviews of Amanzoe, but every time got stuck […]

Aman, Japan

Short review: Aman Tokyo, Tokyo

Aman Tokyo, Tokyo Room type: Aman Suite Duration: 13th > 16th December, 2017 Booked with: Dorsia Travel There are too many cities where there is not an abundance of choice and I end up back at the usual gigs, even if I did not have a great or even mildly adequate […]

Aman, Morocco

Review: Amanjena, Marrakech

Amanjena, Marrakech Room type: Pavilion Piscine Duration: 18th > 20th November, 2017 Booked with: Dorsia Travel Pre-sales This was my birthday treat, so all communication was of the highest level of top secret and on a need to know basis.  Apparently I still don’t need to know, even though I’m reviewing it. […]

Aman, Hotels, USA

Review: Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, Utah Room type: Mesa Pool Suite and Dessert View Suite Duration: 1st > 6th September, 2014 Booked with: AMEX FHR Pre-sales I begged.  Boy did I beg.  Please, Amangiri, give me an upgrade.  I promise that I’ll be a good boy this year.  No more writing horrible anonymous things online, I swear.  But […]

Aman, Hotels, India

Review: Aman-i-khas, India

Aman-i-khas, Ranthambore, India Room type: Luxury Tent Duration:  3rd April -> 6th April, 2015 Booked with: AMEX FHR Pre-sales Similar to waking up on Christmas day, to find waiting for you at the end of your bed is not a sock filled with presents, but instead someone else’s used condom, I was leaving […]

Aman, Hotels, Italy

Review: Aman Venice, Venice

Venice, Italy Room type: Upgraded to Palazzo Chamber Luminoso and Palazzo Stanza Duration: 26th > 28th February Booked with: Virtuoso Getting there Ah, Venice.  Second only to Paris as the city of love.  A beautiful, magistical, almost surreal place that you wouldn’t believe if someone attempted to build now.  Even amongst the […]