Singita, Tanzania

Review: Singita Sasakwa

Singita Sasakwa, Tanzania Room type: 1-bedroom Cottage Duration: 20th > 23rd September, 2018 Singita Sasakwa has as much in common with a traditional African safari camp as Donald Trump and a feminist.  I cannot comprehend who they thought they were competing with when they built it, but must assume the […]

Singita, South Africa

Review: Singita Lebombo, Kruger National Park

Singita Lebombo, Kruger National Park Room type: Suite Duration: 7th > 10th September, 2017 Booked with: Dorsia Travel Pre-sales Such in awe at the wildlife, the Singita reservations team were entranced and completely unable to respond to our enquiries.  After further chasing, one of the directors got involved to apologise and takeover the […]