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Review: DumaTau, Botswana

DumaTau is part of Wilderness Safaris operation “please don’t let Singita destroy our entire business, please”.  Most properties announce a major refurbishment, then close for a lick of paint, reopen and claim it’s a reimagining of travel, luxury, life, family and god.  That your stay will be like a religious […]

Botswana, Luxurious, Red Carnation

Review: Xigera, Botswana

Xigera, pronounced Kij-eh-rah, roughly translates from the local language into “holy hell this place is really expensive”.  Back in that glorious decade of the 2010s, Xigera split from Wilderness Safaris and was taken over by Red Carnation due to some financial stuff that I’m sure will, one day, make it […]