British Virgin Islands

Bad, British Virgin Islands, Private Island, Virgin Limited Edition

Review: Moskito Island, British Virgin Islands – The boring, unnurtured sister to Necker Island

Just minutes from Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island, Moskito Island is another one of his ventures that promises so much but delivers so little.  However, it is an entirely different proposition to the rest of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio, and I don’t mean because they’ve named it after […]

Bad, British Virgin Islands, Hotels, Private Island, Virgin Limited Edition

Review: Necker Island, British Virgin Islands – Benidorm for people who think they’re better

Every now and then, we peasants are invited to the sanctuary of Lord Branson of Richard’s home to suck the dirt between his toes. By this, I mean that Necker Island runs Celebration Weeks, which are trips where you don’t need to book the entire island for over $110,000 per […]