Laucala becoming a COMO

Along with “I’ve won humanitarian of the year”, Laucala becoming a COMO were words I never expected to write. Is nothing sacred anymore? Just as travel was opening to Fiji again, this has to go and happen.  I feel like someone has carefully restored a favourite childhood toy, gift wrapped […]

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Review: Laucala, Fiji (2018)

Laucala, Fiji Room type: Plantation Villa Duration: 29th August > 3rd September, 2018 As we arrived to Laucala for the second time, I have never wanted to hate a hotel so much.  I had 12,000 reasons to hate it.  Having booked non-flexible return flights with Fiji Airways, I was stuck […]


Kokomo Private Island vs Laucala

I could talk about how the service was better at Kokomo; how they put more thought and effort into our stay list. I could break down all the dining options at Laucala and show how they are superior to Kokomo. I could laugh in your face as you asked whether […]

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Review: Laucala, Fiji

Having stayed at Iniala, North Island, Fregate and now Laucala within the last 4 months, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: I know how to recklessly waste money and avoid paying into a pension fund. Let’s ignore their atrocious website for a moment and just place your trust […]