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Review: Le K2 Palace, Courchevel

It’s rare you can genuinely say you were the first at something. History is dominated by the stories of the select few who went further than anyone before might have even dreamed. And just like Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon, we were the season’s first customers […]

Cheval Blanc, France

Review: Cheval Blanc Courchevel

When it comes to purchasing luxury fashion goods, my wife and I have a simple rule: check the label.  It’s the ultimate sniff test.  It shows the inner workings, the behind-the-scenes, the rip-off-ometer.  It tells you whether you’re paying purely for the name because it’s made from the type of […]

Airelles, France, Luxurious

Review: Airelles Courchevel

Airelles have become one of my favourite luxury hotel groups.  Their strong service ethos,  an extremely family-friendly focus blended with luxury and an emphasis on sense-of-place.  But what if the place isn’t that great? Then what do you do?  Airelles Courchevel decided to go in all with a Swiss alpine […]

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Courchevel Trip 2022

Courchev-ello, as nobody says. This coming weekend we’re heading to France for a spot of snow spotting.  When I tell people we’re heading to Courchevel, everyone is so excited to talk about skiing, like it’s the new season of House of the Dragon.  Then, as always, I bring the disappointment, […]

Bad, France, Maybourne

Review: Maybourne Riviera

Let’s start with the good news: my stay was significantly cheaper than expected.  Now for the bad: because they comped half the stay. Maybourne Riviera is the latest opening from the previously London-centric Maybourne Group.  Their portfolio reads like a Best of London list: The Berkeley, Claridge’s and The Connaught.  With […]

Cheval Blanc, France

Review: Cheval Blanc Paris

Cheval Blanc Paris Room type: Junior Suite Duration: 16 > 18th February, 2022 With the opening of their first city property, Cheval Blanc has pulled up its big boy pants and joined the likes of Aman by moving away from being a resort business to a hotelier.  The comparisons to […]

Bulgari, France

Review: Bulgari Paris

Bulgari Paris Room type: Deluxe Suite Duration: 18 > 20th February, 2022 When is a new hotel no longer a new hotel?  A few weeks after opening?  A month?  A year?  When so many towels have gone missing they have to order more?  That’s the question I kept asking myself, […]