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Review: Castello di Reschio, Italy

Reschio, Italy Room type: Grand Suite Duration: 23 > 25th June, 2021 When reviewing a property enriched by history, it seems customary to write an extensive backstory that sprinkles in some dates of yore from an era so far ago that you begin to picture velociraptors talking to men in […]


Review: Il Sereno, Lake Como

Il Sereno, Lake Como Room type: Grand Suite Lago Duration: 27th May > 29th May, 2018 Booked with: Dorsia Travel I cannot say I wasn’t warned.  Not only were the growing whispers of discontent spreading online like stupidity at a referendum, but the clear indication that something would really be wrong: the […]


Review: Villa Feltrinelli, Lake Garda

Villa Feltrinelli, Lake Garda Room type: Junior Suite Duration: 24th May > 27th May, 2018 Booked with: Dorsia Travel There are two reasons you will find yourself in Villa Feltrinelli, an Italian villa fraught with history, facing directly onto Lake Garda.  The first is the privacy and exclusivity; the second is […]

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Review: Aman Venice, Venice

Venice, Italy Room type: Upgraded to Palazzo Chamber Luminoso and Palazzo Stanza Duration: 26th > 28th February Booked with: Virtuoso Getting there Ah, Venice.  Second only to Paris as the city of love.  A beautiful, magistical, almost surreal place that you wouldn’t believe if someone attempted to build now.  Even amongst the […]