Good, Kenya

Review: Lengishu, Kenya

Imagine you have a dream: to create the best home.  You pick the best location with the best views; you use the best materials, designed by the best architect and built by the best builders.  By every metric, you have achieved your goal.  Problem is, you’ve only gone and put […]

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Review: Ol Jogi, Kenya

Rumour has it that when god saw Ol Jogi, he stood up, slow clapped and said, “that’s crazier than George Santos’ CV”.  He then had to counter it with something equally as mental, so created Liz Truss.  No, I’m still not over it. This is going to be a hard […]

Bad, Kenya

Review: Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor, Kenya Room type: Lynn Superior Room Duration: 4 > 5th November, 2021 Giraffe Manor is a terrible hotel, but one with a unique offering.  I don’t mean the interaction with giraffes, I’m on about being able to witness our dystopian, narcissistic fuelled near-future.  Basically, watch an episode of […]

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Review: Arijiju, Kenya

What more can be said that hasn’t already, of Arijiju?  A rather large amount actually, as after having been open 5 years, the lack of reviews makes this feel like a world exclusive. As usual, it’s left to me to sort out the worlds biggest problems and I’m up for […]

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Review: Sirai Beach, Kenya

Sirai Beach, Kenya Room type: Master Suite Duration: 27 > 30th October, 2021 First impressions last, last impressions last longer, that’s why Netflix’s Midnight Mass is a masterpiece, which made up for its ponderous start to deliver a glorious, grandiloquent end. What’s this got to do with Sirai Beach, you ask? […]