South Africa

South Africa

Cheetah Plains walk around

In the second part of my highly acclaimed “how do you use this camera?  Remind me, where’s the on button?” video walk-around series, I present Cheetah Plains.  It can now say it shares something in common with Kubili House – they both have video tours.  What an honour.  What a time […]

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Review: Cheetah Plains, South Africa

It’s rare to experience something new.  How often do you see a new market segment created?  Social media.  Cryptocurrency.  Artificial Intelligence that’s already getting their Google overlords fired.  Basically, all the things we can’t get rid of but would be better off without.  Cheetah Plains has tried something different.  They […]

South Africa

Kubili House walk around

Whilst I’m sure each and every one of you can quote my reviews or even have snippets of them printed onto inspirational cat-themed posters in your office, or at the very least have framed some of my hotel photographs by your bedside, pushing your children’s pictures into the bin.  But even […]

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Review: The Farmstead

The Farmstead, Thornybush Private Game Reserve Room type: Luxury Farm Suite Duration: 9th > 11th September, 2019 After 3 months of being married, my wife sent me packing…on a luxury safari.  Whilst she was meeting new suppliers in Marrakech, at one of the worlds largest luxury travel shows, I felt […]

Singita, South Africa

Review: Singita Lebombo, Kruger National Park

Singita Lebombo, Kruger National Park Room type: Suite Duration: 7th > 10th September, 2017 Booked with: Dorsia Travel Pre-sales Such in awe at the wildlife, the Singita reservations team were entranced and completely unable to respond to our enquiries.  After further chasing, one of the directors got involved to apologise and takeover the […]

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Review: Ellerman House, Cape Town

Ellerman House, Cape Town Room type: Ellerman House Suites Duration: 3rd > 7th September, 2017 Booked with: Dorsia Travel There is little point you reading this review.  Just know that wherever you are right now, Ellerman House is definitely as good, and almost certainly better.  Yes, even if you’re reading this […]