Rosewood, USA

Review: The Carlyle, New York

Tradition is a wonderful thing.  As someone Irish/English, we can all agree my tradition is to be drunk 200% of the time.  The Carlyle is smothered in tradition, but like that time in history where women got to choose between drowned or burnt alive, not all traditions are brilliant. I […]

Aman, USA

Review: Aman New York

Expectations are everything.  If you swipe right on a picture of Chris Hemsworth and my hideous face shows up for the date, you’re morally and legally allowed to taser me.  Them the rules.  My stay at Aman New York was very much about expectations.  First of all, it’s an Aman.  That’s […]

Aman, Hotels, USA

Review: Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, Utah Room type: Mesa Pool Suite and Dessert View Suite Duration: 1st > 6th September, 2014 Booked with: AMEX FHR Pre-sales I begged.  Boy did I beg.  Please, Amangiri, give me an upgrade.  I promise that I’ll be a good boy this year.  No more writing horrible anonymous things online, I swear.  But […]