Caribbean Trip 2023

It’s finally happening.  No, I’m not referring to Cocaine Bear winning an Oscar; I, of course, mean my newsworthy, headline tour to the Caribbean. Every time I’ve been prepared to come to this part of the world, I’m inundated with glorious reviews from friends like “it’s beautiful, but everything else […]


Top luxury hotel openings of 2023

These lists are notoriously unreliable; half the properties don’t open on time, and the other half tend to suck when they do.  All the same, who doesn’t love a list to kick off a new year?  So having searched through the entire internet and only been scammed eight times and […]


101 of my favourite travel photos

Maybe I’m getting old and sentimental, or maybe I’m focusing on avoiding any news about the state of the British economy (ignorance is bliss, so the less I read it, the more I can pretend my currency is stronger than an FTX token), but I recently found myself going through […]


What’s a Stay List?

How often do you get out of the shower in your own home, put your robe and slippers on and find they don’t fit?  Unless the milkman has been over recently, the answer is likely never.  So why would you expect the same in a luxury hotel?  Why do you […]


New luxury hotel openings 2022

Whilst having a bit of travelling downtime, awaiting the arrival of my second (and last) child, I thought I’d take a look back at the promised hotel openings of the year compared to what we actually ended up with. This has come around because in a few weeks I will […]


Best luxury resorts in the Maldives

The majority of these types of lists are randomly put together by people that have not stayed in half of them.  Instead, I have stayed in all of those below, which is probably half as many as needed to complete this list. There’s probably some properties out there that aren’t […]

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Arijiju vs Kubili House

Kubili House and Arijiju are ultra-luxurious, exclusive use, 5-bedroom homes set in wildlife parks within South Africa and Kenya respectively.  You might think that two properties, thousands of miles apart in different countries, would not warrant a comparison review.  You would be wrong.  Or you’re right and I’ve just wasted […]


Africa 2022: St. Tropez via Johannesburg

Life is sometimes about one-upmanship, but I’ve become so egotistical that I’m only focused on competing against myself.  Last year I stayed in 5 bedroom Arijiju with my Dad, whilst this year it’s 5 bedroom Kubili House by myself.  Soon I’ll have to Schrodinger’s cat it and go without going, […]

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Review: Patina, Maldives

There are some things I can’t get over. My first love in grade 3 rejecting me, that Gasgoine miss in Euro 96, when they stopped selling Galaxy Truffle chocolates, the end of Game of Thrones, when someone sent me Harry Potter erotica that haunted me for years. And the rooms at […]