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Our 2023 travels

Tis a new year, which brings with it new thoughts.  Like what is the point of daylight savings?  And why do I choose to live in England during winter?  So in the spirit of newness, let me tell you how I’m going to all the same places I’ve previously reviewed. […]

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Courchevel Trip 2022

Courchev-ello, as nobody says. This coming weekend we’re heading to France for a spot of snow spotting.  When I tell people we’re heading to Courchevel, everyone is so excited to talk about skiing, like it’s the new season of House of the Dragon.  Then, as always, I bring the disappointment, […]


The perks of being a blogger

After you send your kid to private school and put them through university, you’re not that keen to see “blogger” on their business cards.  It isn’t normally top of your list of things you’re hoping they’ll be.  If I’m being brutal, maybe it’s third place, after doctor and astronaut.  I […]


Ranking criteria

As I’ve been whisked around South Africa on a safari vehicle, desperately looking for hungry wild dogs that just wanna be loved but mainly wanna rip apart Bambi’s cousins, I’ve had plenty of thinking time.  Other than wondering how my dad always made his thumb vanish and then reappear, I’ve […]


Kenya 2021

After more delays than a Biden infrastructure bill, I am heading to Kenya.  This is third time lucky; originally planned for 2020, moved to September this year and now taking place over Halloween.  Very apt, as at one stage I was going to need to spend 10 nights quarantining in […]


Review: Peloton Bike

You might think that this is a travel blog, so how dare I discuss a Peloton bike.  Well, technically it’s a bike, thus a form of transport. It’s also the most I’ve traveled in the last 4 months. Add all this together and it definitely counts.   Let me tell […]


How do I photograph hotels?

The most frequent question I am asked is: what camera are you using?  Ok, that only happened once – when some guy tried to mug me in Cambodia.  All the same, I will tell you. Warning: in the spirit of disclosure, I make absolutely no money from anything you buy, […]