Kenya, Luxurious

Review: Ol Jogi, Kenya

Rumour has it that when god saw Ol Jogi, he stood up, slow clapped and said, “that’s crazier than George Santos’ CV”.  He then had to counter it with something equally as mental, so created Liz Truss.  No, I’m still not over it. This is going to be a hard […]

Airelles, France, Luxurious

Review: Airelles Courchevel

Airelles have become one of my favourite luxury hotel groups.  Their strong service ethos,  an extremely family-friendly focus blended with luxury and an emphasis on sense-of-place.  But what if the place isn’t that great? Then what do you do?  Airelles Courchevel decided to go in all with a Swiss alpine […]

Botswana, Luxurious, Red Carnation

Review: Xigera, Botswana

Xigera, pronounced Kij-eh-rah, roughly translates from the local language into “holy hell this place is really expensive”.  Back in that glorious decade of the 2010s, Xigera split from Wilderness Safaris and was taken over by Red Carnation due to some financial stuff that I’m sure will, one day, make it […]

Luxurious, South Africa

Review: Cheetah Plains, South Africa

It’s rare to experience something new.  How often do you see a new market segment created?  Social media.  Cryptocurrency.  Artificial Intelligence that’s already getting their Google overlords fired.  Basically, all the things we can’t get rid of but would be better off without.  Cheetah Plains has tried something different.  They […]

Kenya, Luxurious

Review: Sirai Beach, Kenya

Sirai Beach, Kenya Room type: Master Suite Duration: 27 > 30th October, 2021 First impressions last, last impressions last longer, that’s why Netflix’s Midnight Mass is a masterpiece, which made up for its ponderous start to deliver a glorious, grandiloquent end. What’s this got to do with Sirai Beach, you ask? […]