Best luxury resorts in Courchevel

As my sworn duty as an esteemed member of The League of Super Duper Good Hotels, I wanted to follow up on my recent stays in Airelles Courchevel, Cheval Blanc Courchevel and Le K2 Palace, along with visits to Aman Le Melezin and L’Apogée, by doing what any decent human being in […]

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Our 2023 travels

Tis a new year, which brings with it new thoughts.  Like what is the point of daylight savings?  And why do I choose to live in England during winter?  So in the spirit of newness, let me tell you how I’m going to all the same places I’ve previously reviewed. […]


2022 plans

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The time where I set out plans which rarely happen.  If it’s not my own indecision getting in the way it’s a pandemic.  This year has something even more intriguing: there are few, exciting, new hotel openings.  Luckily 2020s “Best Hotel Openings” […]


2021 Summary

With travel being illegal until May and punishable by having Prince Andrew stay the night in your home, it came as no surprise that my blog became the sewage of the internet, and for once that wasn’t from something I’d written.  We took the first opportunity to get out of […]


Kenya 2021 summary

What a trip.  Such a unique experience, and I don’t just mean the sudden implosion of fake pro-Giraffe Manor comments.  There’s two things you shouldn’t believe: anything on Facebook and anything positive about Giraffe Manor. Whilst I’ve already reviewed Sirai Beach, Arijiju and Giraffe Manor, I also stayed at Angama, […]

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2021: the (lack of) plan

I do hope you will excuse the lack of updates this year.  Truth is, I wanted to spend more time with my family – being forced into captivity with them in 2020 wasn’t enough.  Oh, and we’re actually imprisoned in the UK as taking a holiday is illegal until mid-May. […]


Summary of 2020

I’m not sure what historians will say when they discuss 2020, as it seemed completely uneventful.  My New Years resolution was to not watch the news anymore, so hopefully I’ve not missed anything in the last 12 months. We always planned on traveling less this year due to avoiding Zika, […]