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Review: Airelles Courchevel

Airelles have become one of my favourite luxury hotel groups.  Their strong service ethos,  an extremely family-friendly focus blended with luxury and an emphasis on sense-of-place.  But what if the place isn’t that great? Then what do you do?  Airelles Courchevel decided to go in all with a Swiss alpine […]

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Courchevel Trip 2022

Courchev-ello, as nobody says. This coming weekend we’re heading to France for a spot of snow spotting.  When I tell people we’re heading to Courchevel, everyone is so excited to talk about skiing, like it’s the new season of House of the Dragon.  Then, as always, I bring the disappointment, […]


101 of my favourite travel photos

Maybe I’m getting old and sentimental, or maybe I’m focusing on avoiding any news about the state of the British economy (ignorance is bliss, so the less I read it, the more I can pretend my currency is stronger than an FTX token), but I recently found myself going through […]


What’s a Stay List?

How often do you get out of the shower in your own home, put your robe and slippers on and find they don’t fit?  Unless the milkman has been over recently, the answer is likely never.  So why would you expect the same in a luxury hotel?  Why do you […]


The perks of being a blogger

After you send your kid to private school and put them through university, you’re not that keen to see “blogger” on their business cards.  It isn’t normally top of your list of things you’re hoping they’ll be.  If I’m being brutal, maybe it’s third place, after doctor and astronaut.  I […]

Rosewood, USA

Review: The Carlyle, New York

Tradition is a wonderful thing.  As someone Irish/English, we can all agree my tradition is to be drunk 200% of the time.  The Carlyle is smothered in tradition, but like that time in history where women got to choose between drowned or burnt alive, not all traditions are brilliant. I […]

Aman, USA

Review: Aman New York

Expectations are everything.  If you swipe right on a picture of Chris Hemsworth and my hideous face shows up for the date, you’re morally and legally allowed to taser me.  Them the rules.  My stay at Aman New York was very much about expectations.  First of all, it’s an Aman.  That’s […]


New luxury hotel openings 2022

Whilst having a bit of travelling downtime, awaiting the arrival of my second (and last) child, I thought I’d take a look back at the promised hotel openings of the year compared to what we actually ended up with. This has come around because in a few weeks I will […]