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Bad, France, Maybourne

Review: Maybourne Riviera

Let’s start with the good news: my stay was significantly cheaper than expected.  Now for the bad: because they comped half the stay. Maybourne Riviera is the latest opening from the previously London-centric Maybourne Group.  Their portfolio reads like a Best of London list: The Berkeley, Claridge’s and The Connaught.  With […]

Botswana, Good, Wilderness Safaris

Review: DumaTau, Botswana

DumaTau is part of Wilderness Safaris operation “please don’t let Singita destroy our entire business, please”.  Most properties announce a major refurbishment, then close for a lick of paint, reopen and claim it’s a reimagining of travel, luxury, life, family and god.  That your stay will be like a religious […]

Botswana, Luxurious, Red Carnation

Review: Xigera, Botswana

Xigera, pronounced Kij-eh-rah, roughly translates from the local language into “holy hell this place is really expensive”.  Back in that glorious decade of the 2010s, Xigera split from Wilderness Safaris and was taken over by Red Carnation due to some financial stuff that I’m sure will, one day, make it […]

South Africa

Cheetah Plains walk around

In the second part of my highly acclaimed “how do you use this camera?  Remind me, where’s the on button?” video walk-around series, I present Cheetah Plains.  It can now say it shares something in common with Kubili House – they both have video tours.  What an honour.  What a time […]


Best luxury resorts in the Maldives

The majority of these types of lists are randomly put together by people that have not stayed in half of them.  Instead, I have stayed in all of those below, which is probably half as many as needed to complete this list. There’s probably some properties out there that aren’t […]

Luxurious, South Africa

Review: Cheetah Plains, South Africa

It’s rare to experience something new.  How often do you see a new market segment created?  Social media.  Cryptocurrency.  Artificial Intelligence that’s already getting their Google overlords fired.  Basically, all the things we can’t get rid of but would be better off without.  Cheetah Plains has tried something different.  They […]

South Africa

Kubili House walk around

Whilst I’m sure each and every one of you can quote my reviews or even have snippets of them printed onto inspirational cat-themed posters in your office, or at the very least have framed some of my hotel photographs by your bedside, pushing your children’s pictures into the bin.  But even […]

Hotel Comparison, Hotels

Arijiju vs Kubili House

Kubili House and Arijiju are ultra-luxurious, exclusive use, 5-bedroom homes set in wildlife parks within South Africa and Kenya respectively.  You might think that two properties, thousands of miles apart in different countries, would not warrant a comparison review.  You would be wrong.  Or you’re right and I’ve just wasted […]