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Review: Vik Chile

Vik Chile Room type: Suite Duration: 7th > 9th December, 2018 Liberalism has been having a rotten time in South America.  It’s blamed for the Ecuadorian’s economic decline, the entire collapse of Venezuela, and worst of all, the naming of a 35 sqm room at Vik Chile as a “suite”. […]


Review: The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath

The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath Room type: Deluxe Room Duration: 13th > 15th October, 2018 It’s rare to find a property like The Royal Crescent in Bath.  I have never stayed somewhere with such low expectations, but found them lowered so much that I was eating dirt on my way […]

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Review: Cliveden House, Cliveden

Cliveden House, Cliveden Room type: Maison House Deluxe Room Duration: 23rd > 25th July, 2017 Booked with: A thoroughly pleasant chap Losing my last trace of self-respect, I managed to blackmail my girlfriend into blackmailing an ex-work colleague into getting us a friends-and-family rate at Cliveden House.  It has been on […]

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Review: Lympstone Manor

Lympstone Manor, Lympstone Room type: Junior Suite Duration: 14th > 15th June, 2017 Booked with: Direct with hotel   This is chef Michael Caines restaurant; this is his hotel; this is his child of love. That’s not an issue if you’re either a truly hospitable person, which as TV has taught us […]

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Update: Whatley Manor change of chef

Whatley Manor, Chippenham Room type: Suite Duration: 25th > 27th February, 2017 Booked with: Direct with hotel It is with the deepest, saddest, regret that has been experienced since this years Oscars, that I must announce I had a very poor stay at Whatley Manor.  For avid readers who do not know, Whatley […]

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Review: Ballyfin, Ireland

Ballyfin, Ireland Room type: Junior Suite – The Lady Caroline Coote Duration: 15th > 16th November Booked with: Amex FHR It’s rare that I’m caught off guard with a hotel.  Having been to so many luxury hotels, I know what I like, so will do a lot of research before booking anything to make […]

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Review: Lucknam Park, Chippenham

Lucknam Park, Chippenham Room type: Cottage Suite Duration: 30th May > 3rd June, 2016  Booked with: Andrew Harper Offers: 74% off last-minute deal Pre-sales I emailed before arriving and I’m still waiting for a response to it.  But I will not be too harsh, as perhaps I missed the email due to […]

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Review: Whatley Manor, Chippenham

Whatley Manor, Chippenham  Room type: Suite Duration: 27th > 30th May, 2016 Booked with: Directly with hotel Offers: Stay 3 nights, Pay 2 Pre-sales Whatley Manor’s automated email service did not care one little bit that this was my 9th stay, so it went with the standard grand plan of its masters: to send […]