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Review: Ritz, Paris

Ritz, Paris Room type: Deluxe Suite Duration: 28th > 30th June, 2018 After suffering a fire just prior to opening, then an armed robbery just after opening, Ritz Paris had suffered enough.  But misery needs company, so I was on my way. Depending on what source you read, Ritz Paris […]

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Review: The Peninsula, Paris

The Peninsula, Paris Room type: Deluxe suite Duration: 16th > 19th November Booked with: Amex FHR Out of the blue, Paris has become my second city.  In the same way that your step-son will always be a no good, creature of questionable worth, Paris is no match for London.  But after years of disliking […]

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Review: La Reserve, Paris

Confession time: I have no reason to stay here, other than to review it.  Andrew Harper auctions have made me act like a compulsive gambler at a roulette table, self-assured that my next fix is the last one I will ever need. Not only do they draw me in with […]